Congo 2025, sustainable development for the country

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The Congo displays a strong desire to develop, and hopes, by 2025, to be classed as an emerging country.

Bolstered by its numerous geographic, climatic and human assets, the country plans to become a major economic player in Africa.

To do so, the Congo has initiated a huge infrastructure development programme to:

Savane-Sossi– reduce its dependence on oil and improve access to electricity for the greatest number, the starting point for all development;

– facilitate the movement of people and goods in the country by constructing roads and improving the railways;

– improve access to clean water, thanks to the national “Eau Pour Tous” (Water for All) programme launched in 2013;

Рpromote the green economy.lancé en 2013 ;



All this must be done while respecting the environment, for a country that lies within the Congo river economic basin.

In this context Bluecongo has a real part to play in supporting these ambitions with the provision of clean technologies, meeting the essential needs of sustainable economic development.