Green Business Forum 2016: 100% electric bus to preserve the environment

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The 7th International Green Business Forum was held from 17 to 19 May 2016 in Elaïs hotel Pointe Noire, Congo – Brazzaville under the theme: “How innovation and technology can they promote the development of green economy in Sub-Saharan Africa.


During this forum, some Bluecongo buses were presented to the public in the exhibition park. This attracted many visitors who have high praise for the involvement of the Bolloré Group and its partners in the deployment of new technologies.

Bluecongo is a joint venture born of the association of the Bolloré group with the State of Qatar. It targets the development in Congo Brazzaville electrical transport infrastructure environmentally friendly and production systems and electricity storage comming from solar energy. BlueKanGo enabled rapid deployment of innovative transport solutions and clean energy, without CO2 emissions.

Arrived in Congo, 14 100% electric bus (Bluebus) and 50 cars (Bluecar and Bluesummer) that were deployed during the last African Games in Brazzaville. This allowed to carry more than 190,000 people throughout the period of the games.

The adventure goes on…

The 100% electric bus will be gradually put into circulation in the two largest cities. In Brazzaville, they are outstanding since 09 May. They will be in Pointe-Noire on 1 June” assured during the forum, Pierre BELLEROSE, President of Bluecongo.

A VIP transport, 100% electric, environmentally friendly made possible through the LMP battery (Lithium Metal Polymer) technology developed by the Bolloré Group through its subsidiary Blue Solutions. This unique process can store electrical energy and is distinguished by its power, high energy density and safety. By offering unmatched autonomy, it has a life of greater than 3000 charge cycles.

Now, in the two largest cities of Congo, move on a 100% electric bus would be the same cost as a regular transport links.

When comfort and environmental friendliness associate …

With comfortable seat for disabled, Bluecongo’s buses does not emit CO2 and almost no engine noise. They will provide the transportation to the conventional price of 150 FCFA.