The Bluecongo commitment

The origins of Bluecongo

The Bolloré Group, in partnership with the State of Qatar investment fund, has just launched Bluecongo as a joint-venture to develop electric transport and clean energy production infrastructures in Congo Brazzaville.

Joint investment by the two companies, combined with the Bolloré Group’s technology and expertise in storing electricity, will mean innovative transport and clean energy production solutions can be quickly deployed. These solutions will contribute to the well-being of the population and generate growth while ensuring the country’s exceptional environment is protected.



The Bolloré Group’s historic commitment to Africa and Congo Brazzaville.

The Bolloré Group is a major economic and social development player in Africa, with interests in 46 countries. It invests 300 million Euros annually in logistics, port and railway infrastructure.



The Group also applies its technology and expertise in electricity storage to be the worldwide first to invest in completely autonomous solutions in several African countries:

– clean transport, with the latest generation of electric cars, recharged with solar power;

– solar energy production, storage and distribution, providing easy access to energy in areas where the grid is defective or non-existent.

The Bolloré Group is a long-standing partner of Congo Brazzaville and made its first major investment of over 500 million Euros there, in port infrastructure. This gave the Congo Africa’s first deep-water container terminal on the entire Atlantic seaboard.

Result: the biggest, 8000 unit capacity container ships, coming from all over the world, can dock at Pointe Noire. The port is a real driver for economic development in the Congo, and is now at the bridgehead to the corridor to Brazzaville, helping the country towards economic emergence and diversification.

State of Qatar : contributing to the speedy development of renewable energies.

As part of its long term strategy building to 2030, Qatar displays strong political will to engage in economic development that respects the environment. The country has numerous initiatives aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to develop renewable energy sources.

State of Qatar aims to contribute to financing new strategic projects and new technologies that can reduce the energy divide while protecting the environment.