The electric vehicles made available to the Games

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The latest generation of innovative electric vehicles will be made available to the Congo for the All-Africa Games.

Equipped with Bolloré Group LMP batteries, these reliable and high-performance vehicles have a unique range which means they can be driven all day without recharging.

Provided for the All-Africa Games:

flotteThe Bluecar: a 4-seater city-car with an exceptional range of 250km, and the highest safety standards.

The Bluesummer: the cabriolet version of the Bluecar, the Bluesummer is fully adjustable. Equally at ease in the city or on country lanes, it can transport up to 4 passengers.

The Bluebus: a clean public transport solution for urban and semi-urban use, it has a range of over 120 kilometres.

It has the highest level of on-board energy in electric buses, thanks to 3 battery packs.

The Bluebus is made even more efficient by the use of systems that recover energy during deceleration, allowing the vehicle to recharge during use.